Instrumental:   Celtic Harp; Wire-strung Harp; Medieval-style Bray harp; Double-strung harp; Native American Flute; Pennywhistle; Recorders; Anglo concertina; Melodeon; Five-string Banjo; Appalachian dulcimer; Autoharp.

Vocal:  Over 400 songs in active folklore repertoire. In English from the US, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Wales. In Welsh; German; French; Yiddish; Spanish; Russian; Hebrew; Ladino; Galician

Storytelling: Over 100 stories in active repertoire, from Virginia; Korea; Middle East; Ethiopia; Burma; Russia; Ireland; Japan; Kenya; England;  Scotland; Wales; Native America; Armenia; China; Greece; Zambia; Poland

Specialties:  Informal music and stories from Thomas Jefferson's household

  Traditional unaccompanied ballad singing



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