Concerts are a lively blend of Celtic harp music, songs, and stories from around the world, spiced with concertina, banjo, autoharp, or dulcimer.  Concerts can be presented for ANY AGE GROUP, each improvisationally tailored to its audience, each one unique,  to enliven the senses and touch the heart.

"Watters' voice, deft and light as a butterfly, dances above the acoustic accompaniment"
Parents' Choice Magazine

The harp rings with ethereal airs and energetic dances, and Eve's vibrant tales sparkle with wit and wisdom. Songs may  range from mountain love songs to medieval cantatas to stirring ballads, often inviting audience participation.

This is a special and different kind of entertainment springing from a new vision of  tradition, yet as fresh as tomorrow morning.



Eve Watters, CMP   434 823-8600    Email  P.O.Box 1792   Charlottesville, VA 22902



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